Spiritual Development

R-EM Therapies offer development appointments if you wish to increase your Spiritual Awareness.

Tuition Classes: These can be one to one, or in a group.  They are tailored to you, wherever you are along your development path, and will focus on whatever you wish to learn.

Meet Your Spirit Guides: If you wish to find out who is by your side guiding you, then this is for you.

Past Life Regression: This session is fabulous for shedding light on many of the skills, challenges and feelings you have in this life.


If you'd like to book an appointment then please book on our booking page. Booking is easy, simply choose the appointment you would like and then choose your preferred day and time. If you would like more information about any of the services please contact R-EM without obligation.

Emma Leverton

Emma Leverton

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Today was a very affirming experience, solidifying some of the things that have been bugging me and giving me some focus. Having Googled your words I found them to be 100% associated to all parts of my life, astonishing!! So thank you! Your inspiration couldn’t have been more accurate!