Sleep Therapy

Insomnia? Poor Sleep? Nightmares? etc….Do you long to Feel Happy again and ‘Sleep Like a Baby’? I offer a totally unique Sleep Therapy/Emotional Freedom programme; the only one available in the UK.  This reading will include Dream Analysis and Feng Shui.

When we are under stress, unhappy, sad, worried, frightened, depressed, distraught etc… our equilibrium is thrown and our bodies become in a state of dis-ease.

At times this will manifest itself in poor health, however more often than not the first thing to be thrown out of kilter is our sleep.

Lack of pure sleep (without the use of medication) is one of mans greatest tortures and if allowed to continue the person will be unable to perform daily tasks efficiently, eventually spiralling downwards into ill health.

Our bodies and minds are amazing things and people can continue for months, sometimes years, in a lack of sleep/poor emotional state, never able to fully enjoy their lives. No one deserves to feel like this.  Uninterrupted sleep and dreaming is every person’s right.

There are many things that can be done to reverse this spiral, quickly and effectively. The practical, the emotional, the physical and the spiritual states of mind will all need to be addressed.

In your session we will look at all aspects of your situation and I will teach you ways to bring about an almost immediate improvement and transformation.

Regain power over your life and feel free again.  I have never had a client who has not seen an improvement within a week when trying these easy to follow solutions.  Our bodies and minds do however need time to heal in order to regain total holistic health.

This confidential therapy is available via the phone or WhatsApp 07826 791360 or Skype (Emma Dali Leverton - please send a friend request at least 48hrs prior to your session).  For those abroad the number is 0044 7826 791360.  Sleep therapy is only availble to people over 18 years of age and strictly on a one to one basis.

‘We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves’.
His Holiness, The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Below is a letter I received from a client. This lady suffers from Bipolar disorder and prior to our session had been visiting her GP weekly and undergoing regular treatment with an osteopath for 18 months, she had lost her job, her husband had left her, she loathed her house and she hadn’t slept properly for 8 years.

A week after our session she contacted me saying that the doctor only wants to see her monthly now and has taken her off her medication, her osteopath has told her to return in 6 months, she is sleeping through the night, her estranged husband has come back to her, she has been asked to return to work, her home is now her sanctuary and her children are loving the new her.

‘Emma uplifted me, Emma gave me my power back.  She gave me practicle tools that really work.  She empowered me to be strong, made me spiritually aware and made me feel that I wasn’t going mad. She showed me the guidance, nurturing and caring side of my ability. I am a far stronger person now, she made me realise it was no fault of my own.

Without her help and showing me what to do I do not know where I would be now and I don’t know where I would be without her. Emma has been my rock, my saviour. I feel reborn.’


Sleep Therapy

Price: £60

Duration: 1 Hour

Session Type: Phone, Skype

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