Palm Reading


Palmistry, Chirology or Hand Analysis – is a way of better knowing yourself and of better understanding your life’s path.  Scientists know that our Palms tell not only our our Past, Present and Future, but of our: emotions, talents, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, health, love, relationships, career, money, our quirks, behavioural patterns, what type of person we are…. the list is endless.  Our Hands and Palms are a ‘map of our mind’, they reflect precisely what makes us an exceptional individual and contrary to popular belief, a short life line does not speak of a premature death!  Everything is revealed in our hands from the illnesses we have had and are prone to, to the pets we own and like, travel, jobs, children, great achievements as well as our trials and tribulations…….. Find out exactly what is going on in your life and where you are being led.

Your private, confidential, detailed analysis will take place only in person at my Spiritual Centre in Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset.  It will last for an hour at a cost of £60.00

You do not have to be Psychic to be a Palmist but it certainly helps.  Emma’s readings are a mixture of Psyche and Science.

Please note, readings are strictly on a one to one basis unless the client needs support for health reasons.  

Sessions may of course be recorded.


Palmistry is a very ancient form of divination, one of the oldest known to man.  People have been studying hands for centuries but gone are the days of the ‘Gypsy Fortune Teller’.  Palmistry, Chirology or Hand Analysis has moved rapidly away from this image.  Today it is a Science and visiting a Palmist is now more comparable to visiting a therapist.

Palmistry is divided into two categories: Chirognomy, which deals with the shape of the hands and fingers and Chiromancy, which deals with the lines and markings on the palms.  Together they form a map of our conscious and subconscious.  Just as every person is a unique individual, so too are our hands – no two palms are identical and your left and right will not be identical either; one will show your life path, past and childhood the other your present, what you have done with your life and where you are now going………….. as with everything in life, if you don’t like the look of your journey, change it.

Our hand prints are not set in stone but constantly changing as we transform; our Palms are like a character life map; a map that alters as we do.  They are controlled by a larger area of the brain than any other part of our body, the number of nerve endings in the hand is second only to the brain itself.  It is scientifically believed that signals are sent directly from our brains to the nerve endings in our hands and this is how their shape and lines are formed.  Palmistry is therefore ‘A Map of Our Minds’.

A Palm reading can show you how to make the choices for the future, providing you with reassurance should you decide to embark upon a new path.

(Having had many years of experience working with young people, I am more than happy to see younger people, 14yrs and over, however, anyone attending under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult).


Palm Reading

Price: £60

Duration: 1 Hour

Session Type: Face-to-Face

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