The Chinese Year of the Metal Ox – Happy New Year. 2021, a year of hope?

Published on: 9th February 2021
By Emma Leverton

As an Empath, Psychic and Healer, when I am working with clients I always feel that the energy of the approaching year doesn’t really start until we move into the new Chinese Year. 

This year we progress from the Metal Rat to the Metal Ox on Friday, February 12th, and stay in this energy until 31st January 2022, when it’ll be time for the Water Tiger.

So, how might 2021 play out for us all after a gruelling time in 2020?

The Ox is inherently a Yin, Earth animal and the second of the Chinese twelve.  This is very interesting for Britain because the UK is also Earth, governed by the zodiac sign of Capricorn.  Yin is the Female and yet in Chinese Medicine, Five Element acupuncture, Metal is associated with the Father; which speaks of authority and respect and is born out of Earth, the Mother.  Looking at it another way, the Ox for 2021 has a balance of Earth at its core and yet will display Metal attributes.

This is the second year of the Metal element but it will be a very different year to that of the Metal Rat.

So what are the attributes of the Ox?

  • Hard working
  • Positive
  • Honest
  • Strong
  • Fertile (associated with Harvest)
  • Grounded
  • Loyal
  • Gentle
  • Trustworthy
  • Methodical
  • Disciplined
  • Auspicious (with a reputation for granting wishes)
  • Responsible

We could possibly say that this year may be a year when we will feel the weight of our responsibilities and when it is necessary to work really hard to accomplish anything at all but, the Ox has the characteristics necessary to help us not give up.  He is much revered in many cultures and so this year should be more stable.

It is of course very important to look at the element of Metal.  In Chinese Medicine, Metal governs the Lungs and the Large Intestines.  Covid-19 really hit our Lungs as soon as we moved into the Metal Rat and sadly will probably continue to plague us for most of this year but we are becoming wise to ways around the pandemic and this will continue, due to the diligence of the Ox, the savvy nature of Metal and the new Aquarian age.

Metal is the element of intelligence, higher consciousness, the mind and ideas, very similar to Aquarius.  Aquarians are all intelligent beings (even though they usually don’t believe they are), they are an Air sign and the World has just moved into the Age of Aquarius – the age of air and intelligence.  We are already witnessing how the World is shrinking, the huge importance of communication over the internet, blockchain, the advances in AI, Space travel and before long, digital currencies.

The emotion of Metal is grief.  This is grief in a sense of loss, a feel for what could have been, we have all lost due to the pandemic and many yearn for life to return to how it was, this year however we will see huge shifts in thinking and interestingly Metal is also linked to the Autumn, the time when Yin rises.  As the Ox is Yin, it would be fair to say we will all be in a very different world by the Autumn, irrespective of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. 

Metal is also about connection, inspiration, purity and discernment.  The colour associated with Metal is White, the Spiritual colour, I hope people will continue to wake up to their Spirit, many are still stuck in the Body with a little bit of Mind, the Age of Aquarius and the Metal Ox are extremely good bed fellows for the progress of humanity.

As Metal rules our Lungs, naturally Air is also linked with it.  Air is the first sign of life when we are born and the last sign when we pass away.  Taking the energy from the outside of the body to the inside, acquiring sustenance on the inhale and exhaling what isn’t needed on the exhale.   Air gives us life and vitality, we must be continually looking for that clean air that we require to develop and go forward.  Most of us have really suffered physically and mentally in lockdown, we need to get out and breathe fresh air to be balanced in Mind, Body and Spirit.  For those who have put on weight through lockdown, just walking outside will help enormously, it will also help our Vitamin D levels, improve our dry skin, hair, muscular skeletal aches and pains, not to mention our state of mind, clearing our auric field and balancing our chakras.  Becoming bogged down inside with impure and stale air will also keep us trapped in memories and feelings from our past that may stop us progressing.

The Metal Element also governs our Large Intestines, referred to as the ‘Official of Drainage and Dregs’.  It is responsible for getting rid of unwanted material, blockages and problems when things are not running smoothly.  This is auspicious after the trauma of 2020 and it’s fair to say, the Metal Ox coupled with the Age of Aquarius will bring extremely interesting and changing times.

Because of Metal, in 2021 we will continue to see much pressure on the governments of the World over climate change, the purity of nature and how we are damaging our environment.  Metal is also associated with building on the Earth, it will be interesting to see how we continue to develop our towns and cities; with the Ox it would suggest that they will be better built and more sustainable.

As I reflect on this past year, I have noticed something VERY curious about my work.  With people catching the Coronavirus and sadly many passing back to Spirit, you would think I’d have been inundated with requests for Healing and Mediumship.  Actually where I have seen the biggest growth in bookings is for Dream Analysis, Meeting your Spirit Guides, Psychic Readings, Guidance and Counselling.  It appears that a large majority of people are beginning to question their path in life, their intuition, subconscious and connection to Spirit – this is all extremely Metal and Age of Aquarius.  I imagine this will continue in 2021 but I would also expect a yearning for Spiritual knowledge and teaching to become more prevalent with the Year of the Metal Ox.

Emma Leverton: 9th Feb 2021 23:15:00