Why Does my Child have Imaginary Friends and Animals?

Published on: 26th October 2018
By Emma Leverton

When we are born we have come from the Spirit world, our souls are used to vibrating at a far higher frequency than we humans on the Earth. It takes our Spirit around six to eight years to fully embrace living within our bodies, maintaining a lowered energy and being a human inside what Spirit playfully refer to as our ‘bonebag’.

Small children have imaginary friends and animals because they really do see them and are used to interacting with acceptance to all with the pure love and innocence that is Spirit. Until society has worn Spirit down and turned Spiritual beings into Human beings, children are still able to see Spirit entities and interact with them as they would have done whilst living in Spirit before birth.

This is why babies seem to stare into space, smiling beyond your ears; they can see your Spirit guides and other loved ones who have passed. Animals of course have a much higher frequency than human beings; they hear higher sounds, have a different pitch and smell and see differently. They never lose their ability to see Spirit, which is why dogs bark at nothing, raise their hackles at the wall and cats stare into space before pouncing or dashing away.

Our children and pets resonate at a higher frequency than us, they are mini Mediums.

Emma Leverton: 26th Oct 2018 09:34:00