Zodiac Signs are a load of rubbish, I’m nothing like my Star Sign!

Published on: 14th August 2018
By Emma Leverton

How many times have you heard that said?  Perhaps you read your horoscope and think, what nonsense, that’s not me. There’s a reason for this and as with so many things, if the masses don’t understand something it’s immediately dismissed as rubbish. Astrology is a highly complex system which takes years and years of studying.  This article will shed some light on why you may not feel a resonance with your star sign.

Think of a classic stew i.e. meat, vegetables and gravy.  I’m sure you’d agree that no two stews are the same; the same can be said for people. If you think of a stew as your astrological cartwheel, that’s where all the planets were at the time of your birth and is what makes you, you, having a massive influence on your character and life’s journey. Think of the meat as your Sun sign i.e. if you were born on August 10th you are a Leo, this is the deep down you, the character that shines when you are feeling totally happy and comfortable and life is just as you want it. The vegetables portray your Ascendant or Rising sign, which again can be in any of the twelve zodiac signs.  Your Rising sign is how the world sees you, it’s your hair, clothes, voice, way you walk, your mannerisms etc. the you that stranger first see. Then the gravy is your Moon sign, this is how you are emotionally and in matters of the heart, again this will be in any of the twelve zodiac signs. 

So if you are that Leo, let’s imagine you have a Pisces Ascendant with a Moon in Gemini, your water Ascendant will alter the fiery Leo and your air Gemini Moon will alter the Leo further still. Therefore very often you may not appear to be a typical Leo. Some days you’ll be more like your vegetables, other days you will be flooded in gravy and like a Gemini. I think of all the other planetary placements as the herbs and spices in your stew. At times in your life you may have only one metaphorical piece of meat, fifty carrots and a dribble of gravy you are still a meat dish at heart but you are just being more like your vegetables, especially to those who don’t know you well.

No two zodiac alignments are identical and we fluctuate on a daily basis between our characteristics. Thankfully most of us have a mixture of star signs within us. The Fire Signs are: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The Earth Signs are: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The Air Signs are: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and the Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

I once read a damming report which intimated that Fire signs are active, Water signs are lazy, Air signs think all the time and Earth signs are boring. I tend to agree actually but I would probably choose the words: Dynamic, Sensitive, Intelligent and Sensible. As we are usually a mix of signs we are therefore a mix of the element energies to a greater or lesser degree. We may have traits of all of the above but as said, our strongest characteristics will come from the mix of our Sun Sign, Rising Sign and Moon Sign.  Here is a cheeky look at some of the lesser known, naughty and nice traits, of each Zodiac sign….you know what they say, ‘many a true word said in jest’.

Always doing a million things you’ll need to run to keep up…..they’ll keep going until the early hours and then sleep for Britain.
Love to organize and be in charge.
Fun, full of ideas, passionate about everything….. until they get bored.

Never grow up…..yes that includes their sense of humor.
Yummy Mummies who have weird relationships with food, they drive 4x4s full of kids going to all the after school activities.
The zodiac’s famous people name droppers….if they’ve met someone famous you will know about it.

Love to move, renovate, redecorate.
Have sharp minds that enjoy crosswords and puzzles, stupidity annoys them.
Incredibly generous to their friends.

Need a home and their mothers (especially the males).
Prone to sulking and deleting contacts if annoyed.  They rarely admit when they’re wrong.
Show their affection in practical ways, often involving cakes.

Cannot have a bad hair day and are always checking themselves in mirrors but not in a vain way.
Have hundreds of ‘friends’, often with children, like to organize big events but have their minions to do the work.
Will go off wandering when you are out shopping, vanish for hours and never apologise if you’ve been waiting as they genuinely aren’t aware of time as they become engrossed in other things easily.

Need organisation and plans, great at giving an eta and keeping you in the loop.
Need to make money and like to provide.
Fastidiously clean although prone to leaving drawers open.

Their mood will change like the wind, often several times a day.
Spend lots of money on their body, looking good and health although usually have an addiction.
Will talk and fret for hours, days, weeks about what they are going to do then do something entirely different.  They have a tendency to go round and round in circles for years but when they make a choice are stubborn to the end.

Love their own children above all else.
Secretive, untrusting and plotting but demand openness from other and will always get their own back if you cross them, usually when you least expect it.
Have piercing eyes and like tight clothes, they always play with your hands at the start of a new relationship.

Marry more than once, move on quickly never having regrets or living in the past, they grow up in their 50s.
Globetrotters who need to travel a lot and never stop learning.
Fabulous at Marketing and have high phone bills.

Join the gym and actually go.
Practical and methodical they like routine, especially at work and will stick in a job for ever.
Hate spontaneity and uncalculated risk.

The most intelligent sign of the Zodiac who doesn’t realise their own intelligence, they hate change but if it comes will embrace it wholeheartedly.
Quirky, different and slightly nuts, they are prone to beating themselves up emotionally.
Always know crazy facts about random things, very often involving bands, they keep their piles of music in library fashion and often collects weird things.

Need music – at all times.
Dreamy, kind but not a push over, at times selfish but romantic and chilled out, the poets, writers, musicians, artists…
Often go to therapy groups.

Emma Leverton: 14th Aug 2018 09:30:00