Dreaming about Teeth and other Common Dreams

Published on: 17th November 2018
By Emma Leverton

Dreams are the language of our subconscious, a language our subconscious brain uses to tell us what is really going on. However we must of course look at the literal before we look at the dream meaning. If for instance you dream you’re in a desert with no water and your bedroom temperature is very hot and you need a drink this is nothing more than literal. 

Recently I have had several people come to me for healing with teeth and gum problems which reminded me of the dream symbology of teeth problems.

If you happen to dream of having problems with your teeth and you actually do then this is nothing more than your body saying ‘Ouch’. If however there is nothing wrong with your mouth and you dream your teeth are rotten or falling out, you are not alone.

Dreaming of teeth is in the list of the ten most common dreams and it denotes a change in your daily life. First we lose our milk teeth when we leave our childhood behind and then when we enter into old age we tend to lose our adult teeth. These growing milestones are used by our subconscious in its dream language to tell us that we’re experiencing a time of big change which is more than likely needed.

Other very common dreams include flying….if this is you flying in your dream and not an airplane, it is either literal because our spirit can hover above us during sleep or it symbolises the need to cut yourself free from whatever is holding you back.

Any dream that involves travel is about your progress in life, look at your mode of travel and how quickly you were travelling, were obstacles put in your way?

Dreams involving water relate directly into your emotions and snakes into medical matters.  Being chased is more often than not when we are feeling pressured and stressed.  Going back to school is a need to reflect about your home environment.  Sitting an exam when not prepared or going on stage without knowing your words is usually about people around you being deceptive; although this is only a rough guide as other things would need to be taken into account.  Strong colours in dreams usually relate to the chakra that colour represents and the health/emotional issues related to that part of your body.  A death denotes a birth (unless of course a loved one has recently passed to Spirit) – this can be talking about babies or the birth of an idea.

Lastly, a very common dream is to dream about a house.  Houses relate directly into our own body, the home that houses our spirit.

Emma Leverton: 17th Nov 2018 09:29:00