I have a short life line; will I have a short life?

Published on: 1st October 2018
By Emma Leverton

The quick answer is no.

Your life line starts between your thumb and first finger and circles around the fleshy bit (the mount of Venus) at the base of your thumb.

There might be breaks, lines going up and down from it, lines crossing it, crosses and stars and squares on it, it may have extra, ‘sister’, lines running along inside it and even a fork at the end. It may hug your thumb or sweep out into your palm. All of the above and more actually mean something but how long it is does not tell you how long you will live.

Your life line is actually about your strength and vitality therefore a strong, deep line usually denotes a strong constitution, although the nature of the line and the rest of the palm needs to be taken into consideration.

The lines on our hands continually change as we grow, especially those on our dominant hand (that’s the one we sign our name with as a rule). It may well be that as we age our life line actually lengthens. If you have a short line it could mean that you are someone full of energy who burns themselves out regularly but you may actually have better health and stamina than someone with a very long line.

So before you go sailing off into the sunset, spending all your cash because you think you won’t reach old age, get a palm reading and set your mind at rest.

Emma Leverton: 1st Oct 2018 09:26:00