What’s the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

Published on: 12th September 2018
By Emma Leverton

The simple answer is: a Psychic is someone who reads into your everyday life: past, present and future. A Medium is a communicator with those who have passed to Spirit.  Both Psychics and Mediums are highly sensitive beings.

All Mediums are Psychic but not all Psychics are Mediums. Why is this? It all comes down to energy but first; let’s look at what it is to be psychic and how that works.

Within us all is the ability to be psychic and indeed when we were a child we were all psychic, it is our sixth sense. As we mature we shy away from our psychic selves and put things down to ‘coincidence’ all of us at some point has said something like ‘How odd, I was thinking about you earlier’. Psychics get a very bad press, which is bizarre in itself because each and every one of us has a sixth sense and therefore we are all Psychics. Most of us just don’t use our inherent gift and as you know, if you stop doing something, using a skill or keep training your mind or body, you lose the ability to do something. As with any talent, there are those who train harder and are simply better at some things than others. So naturally, some Psychics are better than others and of course, some days we are all more proficient at what we are doing than on other days, that is part of being human; working as a Psychic and/or a Medium is an exhausting job if done properly.

Psychics are able to tune into a person using their sixth sense which in part comes from the third eye, pituitary gland and chakras. There are of course different types of Psychics e.g. Clairvoyants (those who see) Clairaudients (those who hear) Clairsentients (those who feel and sense). A good Psychic should be able to do all of the above, they will also taste and smell and have a heightened awareness in general. They not only have a highly developed sixth sense but they also use their auric field and that of their client to aid their work and will work closely with their Spirit guides to bring through messages. Once again, each and every one of us has Spirit guides working with us we have just forgotten who they are; we knew them when we were in Spirit before we came to Earth and also as children. Some people like to call them Angels or Helpers, it doesn’t matter what you feel comfortable calling them, they are the voice of reason on your shoulder, guiding you and desperately trying to protect you whilst you inhabit the earth.

In order to be a Psychic you need to be able to raise your energy up to tap into your font on inner knowing. As human beings our energy resonates at a low, base level, Psychics have learned the ability to raise their energy up which immediately heightens their soul sensitivity and thereby enables them to tap into their sixth sense, it is so natural to a Psychic to do this that they barely realise that’s what they’re doing. However it is very important to come back down to earth again otherwise you will become totally exhausted, flighty and nervous. I think a good analogy is that of taking a shower. You turn the tap on, have a shower and then turn it off. You do not leave the tap running all day otherwise you will waste water and have very high energy bills; the tap can however drip at times. So if you have a friend working as a Psychic, don’t bombard them with questions because when they aren’t working and in tune they are no more psychic than you are.   

What about Mediums?  Firstly there are two types of Mediums, Physical Mediums and Mental Mediums. A Physical Medium may sit in a cabinet in a séance and produce ectoplasm for the Spirit World to use or work directly with Spirit allowing their own body to be used as a vessel, to paint or write or lecture etc. A Mental Medium is what you are talking about when you go for a Sitting. A Sitting is what Mental Mediums will give you; a Reading is what Psychics do.  

Mediums have the ability to raise their energy much higher than a Psychic. Some Mediums are born and never lose the gift of communicating with the dead and some even physically see Spirit, others have to practice and sit regularly in a meditative like state (Sitting in the Power) to enable them to tune into the Spirit world and gain the trust to allow Spirit to work with them. Some Mediums rely heavily on their own personal Spirit guides for help but not all. When a Medium is working their energy will go from its normal low human resonance, up through the heightened Psychic attunement and continue beyond that until they are resonating at a very high frequency. Spirits who resonate even higher still have to slightly lower their frequency to blend with the Medium for a connection to be made; this is why when Mediums work they tend to speak quite quickly and have a high pulse rate. So simply put, it is the persons’ ability to raise their energy up beyond that of a Psychic that allows for communication with those who have passed and this is why all Mediums are Psychic but not all Psychics are Mediums. 

Emma Leverton: 12th Sep 2018 09:22:00