Uranus in Taurus how will this effect our health and life?

Published on: 4th September 2018
By Emma Leverton

When Uranus enters your sun sign prepare for the unexpected with this maverick plant on board.

Uranus takes seven years to transit one zodiac sign at a time – hence the seven year cycle. Uranus doesn’t take his time, when he shows up he’s there 100%, no creeping in slowly for him.

Uranus entered Taurus on May 15th 2018 and will stay there until November 6th 2018 before retrograding back into Aries until March 6th 2019 when he will once more return and stay in Taurus until July 7th 2025 before moving into Gemini.

Taurus rules the throat and the throat chakra is also the seat of communication and clairvoyance. 

What does this mean for global health and communication? I am predicting a rise in health issues related to the throat, including tonsillitis, and thyroid problems and am already seeing this increase in my clinic.  More and more people will give up smoking. Music will return to more classical singing and talking therapies will become the norm.  Social media may well take a big hit as people watch what they say, if they don’t there will be strong repercussions and this will be seen on the global stage as well. Taurus has a fascination with celebrities; I also feel that Uranus in Taurus will stamp out this one minute wonder and reality celebrity culture we have become. There will be a rise in Clairvoyance and astral dreaming over the next seven years with a tendency to chase wild flights of fancy.

For Britain having Uranus in Taurus is extremely interesting because Britain is a Capricorn country which is a fellow earth sign. Capricorn currently has the hard task master Saturn in his chart but as Saturn is his ruler this is actually nothing they can’t handle.  Until February 2019 we are also in the year of the Chinese Earth Dog. So much earth energy around for the world at the moment however with Uranus and Saturn, two big boys in two of the three earth sign, expect radical change to the boring establishment. This is actually great fun as long as we watch what we say and how we go about things.

For each and every one of us, not just if we are Taurean, we should take extra care of our throats……a great excuse to buy a lovely scarf as the weather turns cold, blue would be the best colour to choose. Watch how we communicate and what we say, it’s more important than ever to put our brains into gear before opening our mouths. Taureans have a child like nature and so we can get swept away with crazy dreams, this is fine as long as you can sustain those dreams financially. 

Emma Leverton: 4th Sep 2018 09:13:00