Welcome to R-EM’s News page.  This is a space for not only our news but also for articles about all matters of mind, body and spirit. 

No two weeks at R-EM Therapies are the same; maybe I'm curing illnesses and phobias, giving hope after a broken heart, solving a murder case, helping you to make important life choices and transitions etc. etc. etc..... 

Because my work is so varied, I get many, many emails and simply don’t have enough time to respond to them all.  Because of this I am now offering you the chance to message me via my Contact page should you have any questions about anything spiritual or health related; however diverse your questions may be.

Once a month I will pick one question and respond to it here in article form.  So do keep checking back from time to time as I may have selected yours; please be aware that I will not use your name in any articles published.

Very best wishes - Emma.