Mediumship Sitting

Connecting you to loved ones who have passed – aiming to prove that life continues after death.

Sittings are conducted in a safe and confidential environment only in person at my Spiritual Centre in Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset, UK.

All demonstrations of Mediumship are an experiment and results cannot be guaranteed.  You will receive some Psychic Guidance with this consultation although a Sitting is much more about you having communication with a loved one who has passed.  It is normal for about three Spirits to come though within your appointment time but there can be no guarantees.   Bereavement counselling is available and given if needed.

Only available to persons over 18 years of age.

Your Sitting will last for an hour and is £60.00

Please note, Sittings are strictly on a one to one basis in person unless the client needs support for health reasons.

What is Mediumship?

There is much misconception between the term Psychic and Medium.  All Mediums are Psychic but not all Psychics are Mediums.

A Medium is a person who connects directly into the Spirit World, bringing messages from loved ones who have passed; their job is to prove that life continues after death.  Mediums are not ‘fortune tellers’ or remote viewers etc.  Psychics work on the more mundane, seeing into the future and the past, tapping into your own Spiritual Body – that Spiritual Body within us all that first comes into contact with the approaching future; that which is still unknown to the Physical Body and it’s earthly material senses.

We all have a Spirit within us and when we pass it is that Spirit which continues, leaving behind the body’s shell; you cannot die and a Medium aims to prove this to the Sitter.

The Spirit World exists at a much higher frequency than we do.  For a Medium to make contact they must raise their vibration and Spirit must lower theirs until a connection is made.  In a Mental Mediumship connection Sitting you will notice that the Medium is very much alive, often fidgeting and taking on the mannerisms of the person who has passed.  As the Sitting continues the link gets stronger as both the Medium and Spirit become comfortable with each other.

It is very important that the sitter speaks to the Medium as the sound of your voice will help to raise the vibration, maintain and build the connection; think of it as a telephone conversation, if you don’t speak they hang up.  Once the vibration is raised the Medium is able to see, feel and hear what Spirit is trying to communicate in order to pass it to the sitter.  It is a two way approach, the Medium must maintain a high vibration and Spirit needs to learn to lower theirs.  This connection is different to a lower Psychic vibration.

There are however two types of Mediums, the Mental Medium and the Physical Medium and within these two there are also many types of Mediumship connection such as: Automatic Writing, Art, Singing, Dance and of course Voice, Trance Overshadowing, Trance Healing, Physical Seances (where Spirit will use ectoplasm, produced by the Medium, to communicate leading to Materialisation, Voice Boxes and other phenomenon. During a Seance the Physical Medium is in a deep Trance state, their body is used as a vessel for Spirit to come through using the ectoplasm produced, Spirit may speak, sing, touch you, play instruments, bring an apport, move trumpets and objects and of course the Medium for example), EVP, Table Tilting, Ouija Board, Spirit Photography etc.etc.

Both Mental and Physical Medium are able to enter the Trance State.  The Trance State is best described as a very deep state of Meditation.  When in Trance the Medium may have little or no recollection of what Spirit is saying or doing.  A Mental Medium, when not working in Trance, is fully aware of what is going on but sometimes Spirit will take control over what the Medium says.  This can come as a bit of a shock to the sitter, however it is normally very entertaining as Spirit is pure love.

A Mediumship Sitting is usually a very emotional but incredibly joyous experience.


Mediumship Sitting

Price: £60

Duration: 1 Hour

Session Type: Face-to-Face 

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Emma Leverton

Emma Leverton

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU for my reading. I needn’t have been nervous, it was a really great experience. Having so much time focused on you is wonderful; I feel great. It feels as if my life has more of a purpose now, the pressure is off and I feel SO good. The way you explained the contradictions in me makes me now realise that that is just me, it makes me who I am, it’s all part of my mix, not something to continually try to sort out. Your advice has helped me SO much. See you again – can’t wait. Thank you again – big hugs.