Dream Analysis

DREAM ANALYSIS: ‘We Sleep to Dream’….. Why?  What do my dreams mean?  Now you can find out.

Are your dreams trying to tell your something, are they prophetic?

During your Dream Analysis consultation, I will not only look at your dreams but also at your life in general with Psychic and Mediumistic Guidance to form an accurate picture.  I advise clients to keep a dream diary for a few weeks before your appointment, there are always five days in every moon cycle when our dreams are more vivid and we are at our most creative.

Your confidential appointment will last for 1 hour, the cost is £60.00 and can be done over the phone or WhatsApp on 07826 791360 or Skype (Emma Dali Leverton – please send a friend request at least 48hour prior to your session).  For those calling from abroad it's: 0044 7826 791360.

Interpreting dreams is a method of psychotherapy.  Our dream world is a symbolic world, each symbol is different to each individual.  A dream analysis session will help discover what your dream language means to you, your own code will become deciphered.  We will look at your dreams a whole, your mood/feelings, the colours and what is going on in your life that has caused your brain to manifest in this way.  You have your own language and through analysis you will learn to speak your own subconscious language.

When we sleep we enter a dream state known as REM, this is when our visual dreams come to us.  Dreams are the language of the subconscious and our brains are more active during sleep than when awake. 

We sleep in order to dream, (we can relax our bodies by sitting in a chair but real healing will not occur) during the night our minds sift through the data of the day, filing, up-dating, compacting and deleting.  If we didn’t dream we would wake exhausted as if we hadn’t been asleep at all; our brains would literally hurt.  Everybody does dream even if you have no recollection.

Dreams comprise of a series of images taken from our memory, psyche and spiritual influences, which cannot be logically defined by our conscious mind and it is these that are the language of our unconscious mind and dream world.  In order to understand this language we need to understand that some dreams are literal, perhaps nothing more than memories of our day, and others symbolic, mystical or even coming from our spiritual past and when a person has a psychological problem it is often shown in their dreams.

Dreaming is a very therapeutic time, helping us understand and reassess something that was unclear to us during our waking hours.  Reliving an unhappy event can be distressing to the dreamer, as are nightmares but these can also help one come to terms with what has happened.  Dreaming of happy events allows us to rekindle affection, make up for loneliness or recharge our sense of humour, lifting our spirits enormously. 

Readings are strictly on a one to one basis unless you need support for health reasons. Sessions may of course be recorded.

Dreams have a huge place in the healing and understanding process of our waking lives.

By analysing your dreams you will be better equipped to deal with the problems and choices that you face.

Perhaps you have a recurring dream or maybe one particular dream has affected you strongly.  Do get in touch and we can find out.

This analysis is available worldwide to people over 18 years of age. 


Dream Analysis

Price: £60

Duration: 1 Hour

Session Type: Phone, Skype 

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